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Whether you’re a producer looking for representation to license your film or program for broadcast/home entertainment; or a network/production company looking for footage material to utilize in a pending production, Zia Film Distribution, LLC is here to help. We are a full-service distribution company located in Santa Fe, NM.

Our team of media professionals have over 60 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry. We have passionately represented producers of independent films, documentaries, program series as well as clips and footage globally through the years. Today, we continue with our distribution strategy, sourcing new domestic and international markets, including emerging streaming and download platforms.

What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in the fact that we have been in continuous operation with the same management team for 26 years. Working in the media industry which is in constant flux and change, we continually assess our business strategy to best accommodate the marketplace. Since the inception of our company in 1993, we have delivered on our promise to provided quality service which enabled us to build and maintain professional integrity throughout the years. We have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest media entities in the world including NBC, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Hallmark Entertainment, NHK-Japan, BBC-UK, TF1 – France, just to name a few.

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and it challenges even the most skilled distribution professionals in the field. To thrive and survive in this changing environment, Zia Film Distribution LLC has remained responsive to the ongoing shifts in programming demand. Today, our primary focus has shifted to remastering classic “evergreen” titles to widescreen HD format for potential licensing in broadcast and home entertainment markets, which includes streaming and downloads. We also continue to maintain an extensive library of clips and footage available for licensing into the production of films and broadcast programming. We have successfully sustained ourselves in the industry for more than two and a half decades. We cannot predict the everchanging ebb and tide of demand in the market. Nevertheless, we remain focused on adapting to and providing for the diverse needs of buyers and producers.

Who and What We Represent


For the last couple of decades, we have been working with various producers to distribute their content Worldwide. We maintain over 200 hours of interesting clips and footage of many genres, such as:


  • Amazing Coast Guard Rescues
  • Animal Attacks
  • Caught-on-Camera Plane Crashes
  • CCTV Traffic Footage
  • Funny Pets and Animal Segments
  • Police Dashcam Footage
  • Sports Bloopers and Crashes
  • Weird and Wacky Short-Form Stories From Around the World

Evergreen Content

on the right hand side ZIA has a library of feature films and documentaries that are of on-going interest viewers, which makes them “Evergreen”. Some of the all-time favorites that we have in our collection are:


  • Feature Film-An American Christmas Carol with Henry Winkler
  • Feature Films-Sherlock Holmes: Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Feature Film-Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four
  • Feature Film-Sidekicks with Chuck Norris
  • Feature Film-The Boneyard
  • Documentary Reality Series: The Serial Killers
  • Documentary-The Trail of Painted Ponies

We continue to represent this type of programming because its appeal in both broadcast and home entertainment markets. If are interested in purchasing evergreen content, we have made some of these titles available for retail sales via PayPal. Please contact us for further details.

Earn Money From Interesting Videos

Don’t let YouTube take away your chance to earn money. Instead of just uploading your home videos and sharing them online, work with us—a worldwide distribution company. We are continuously searching for new and exciting caught-on-tape footages. If you have access to any unique and eye-catching videos, please contact us. We’ll make money for you!



Imagine over 100 horses stretched from Taos to Carlsbad. Now picture them painted in day-glow colors, sporting outrageous trappings, so transformed they could have broken free from a carousel, or escaped a madcap circus, and run wild across the New Mexico landscape. Unlike previous public art projects featuring animals, The Trail of Painted Ponies is unique for a number of reasons: the horse is an integral part of American History; the project was cross-cultural involving Hispanic, Native American and Anglo artists; the project was statewide event; and monies received from the sale of the ponies will be disbursed to a broad spectrum of charitable organizations. [US; 2003; 90 minute video and 55 minute broadcast versions available.


This material contains chilling footage of in‑depth interviews with 13 of America's most infamous contemporary "serial killers", including Kenneth Bianchi, Ted Bundy, and Arthur Shawcross among others, as well as interviews with law enforcement officials involved, and victim's relatives. [UK; 13 x 30 min.]

TV Series

OKAVANGO: Season 1 & 2

(Steve Kanaly, Michelle Scarabelli, Wayne Crawford) -- Imagine trading in your culture, career, car, friends and urban way of life for the frightening but seductive unknown. An ordinary American family makes the extraordinary decision to give up the urban jungle for the African jungle. As his dying wish, an uncle implores the family to stay in Okavango and carry on his solitary work protecting the rapidly disappearing wildlife of Africa. This program has been officially approved for viewing by the N.E.A. (National Education Association). [US; 1992/93;52 x 30 or 26 x 60 minutes]



(Henry Winkler, David Wayne) -- In the update of the Charles Dickens' classic, Victorian London is transformed to 1933 Concord, New Hampshire where this tale recounts the adventures of a more modern Scrooge, as portrayed by Henry Winkler. [Canadian; 1983; 96 minutes] {Family} {Foreign rights only} Newly remastered in 2012 for HD & Blu-ray.



(Phyllis Diller, Ed Nelson, Norman Fell) -- A bizarre cult murder leads a psychic and a detective to the county morgue where they encounter a weird graveyard shift supervisor and a hip coroner. The motley crew soon find themselves fighting for their lives on the lower levels of THE BONEYARD, as the "dead" evidence starts to twitch; and the reanimated corpses of three cannibal kids and one very bad poodle get a late night case of the munchies. [US; 1991; 98 minutes] {Horror} {DLT master available for international DVD} Remastered in 16:9 in 2005


(Will Sampson) -- A touching story of friendship between an old Indian and a young white boy. When his beloved dog is killed in a tragic accident which he could have prevented, Fish Hawk vows to change his ways. The young boy's eagerness to learn everything he can, awakens Fish Hawk's knowledge of the Indian ways that he thought he had forgotten. [Canadian; 1983; 95 minutes] {Foreign HV rights only}


(Ronny Cox, John Ireland) -- A thrilling action-adventure story about the 2,000 mile odyssey of a champion sled dog trying desperately to be reunited with the young boy who once saved his life. [Canadian; 1983; 99 minutes] {Foreign HV rights only}

SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Hound of the Baskervilles

(Ian Richardson, Denholm Elliot) -- This masterful retelling of a timeless tale of murder and supernatural mystery, is a fresh interpretation of the ageless tales of Sherlock Holmes. Summoned to the fog-drenched countryside, Holmes and Watson find themselves involved in an age-old curse and modern mystery. [UK; 1983; 101 minutes] {Mystery Thriller} Remastered in 1999



(Ian Richardson, David Healy) -- Sherlock Holmes returns in his most warm and human incarnation to date. Elegantly set in the fog-shrouded streets of London, Holmes and Watson are beguiled by the cry for help from a beautiful stranger. [UK; 1983; 96 minutes] {Mystery Thriller} Remastered in 1999


(Beau Bridges, Joe Piscopo, Chuck Norris) -- With the careful guidance of a karate master, an awkward 14 year old gains self-respect and his fantasy encounters with Chuck Norris begins to diminish. However, when his chances of competing in a karate tournament are threatened, Chuck Norris steps out of his fantasies to fight at his side and save the day. [US; 1993; 100 minutes] {Foreign rights only} {Family}

Clips and Footage

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