ZIA FILM DISTRIBUTION LLC is a worldwide full-service distribution company in business since 1993. Its team of film professionals has represented independent film, documentary, and series producers from around the world, licensing programming to a broad spectrum of broadcasters in both the domestic and international marketplace.

The entertainment industry is forever changing, challenging the most skilled distribution professionals. ZIA has sustained itself in the industry for close to 20 years by being responsive to the on-going shifts in programming demand.  Today our primary focus has switched from distribution of finished programming to the licensing of clips and footage utilized in reality-based productions. While there may be an ebb and flow in the market, there appears to be a continual demand for clip and footage material worldwide.

Representing over 30 producers from around the world, ZIA currently maintains a library of over 200 hours of clip and footage material. The genres include, funny pets and animal segments, animal attacks, all kinds of sports bloopers and crashes, weird and wacky short form stories from around the world, amazing Coast Guard rescues, police dash cam footage, CCTV traffic footage and caught-on-camera plane crashes.

ZIA represents a library of "evergreen" films and documentaries including the likes of Sherlock Holmes, American Christmas Carol, The Serial Killers, and The Trail of Painted Ponies as there will always a demand for this type of programming in both broadcast and home video markets. Some of these titles are available for retail sale on this site using PayPal.

We maintain an active quest for new and exciting caught-on-tape footage. If you own home video or have access to such footage DONíT GIVE IT AWAY ON YOUTUBE, let ZIA make money for you!  Please contact us today.

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