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OKAVANGO: Season 1 & 2

(Steve Kanaly, Michelle Scarabelli, Wayne Crawford) -- Imagine trading in your culture, career, car, friends and urban way of life for the frightening but seductive unknown. An ordinary American family makes the extraordinary decision to give up the urban jungle for the African jungle. As his dying wish, an uncle implores the family to stay in Okavango and carry on his solitary work protecting the rapidly disappearing wildlife of Africa. This program has been officially approved for viewing by the N.E.A. (National Education Association). [US; 1992/93;52 x 30 or 26 x 60 minutes]

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)WILD’S LIFE

Each episode explores the world of animals, plants and fish exciting the minds of children and parents alike. The host, Christopher Wild has a “magic shell” and at the beginning of each show he is surprised to out his “Wonder of the Wild”. In order to solve the riddle, he must visit and learn about a plant, animal or fish and discover how they relate to whatever “human world” experience he is involved at the time. Winner of two Emmy awards and the Parent’s Choice Silver Medal; meets the FCC requirements for educational/informational children’s programming. [US: 2000; 26 x 30 min.] {Childrens’}