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zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)ALIEN ENIGMA I & II

In the stories from around the world, we explore the bizarre and baffling mystery of the alien phenomenon. They range from a most puzzling abduction stretching from the Everglades to Switzerland, a life shattering experience in Istanbul, human mutilation in Brazil, to a Belgian Air Force encounter with a cover-up involving NATO. The conclusion of this exploration is that the alien experience is close to a new and agonized religious experience, maybe the beginning of a new understanding of who we truly are. [US; 1999; 2 X 60 minutes]

BUSHFIRES: The Summer Wars

Takes you up-close to experience the summer bush fires of Australia. Unlike other continents, this naturally occurring cycle has taken place since before the colony was formed, when Australia was inhabited only by its native Aboriginal people. Bushfires explores several devastating summer fires that occurred over the last century, including the 1967 Hobart fire which claimed over 65 lives, labeled the "worst" fire since the European settlement, and the dramatic account of a bush fire that claimed the lives of five firefighters when a fire unexpectedly reversed direction trapping the crew. [Australia; 1999; 43 minutes]

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)EMPTY PROMISES

The Plunder of Paradise -- The world's largest logging companies of tropical rainforests are operating on stolen land, and International monetary aid is funding the plunder. Empty Promises' is a vivid and disturbing journey into grassroots of Papa New Guinea. The film visits Milne Bay Province, travels up the Wegulani River and into the foothills of the Owen Stanley Range. You will meet members of a tribe whose lives are being changed forever, resulting from a logging industry compelled by greed and out-of-control. [Australia; 2001; 55 minutes]


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a highly successful standard medical practice that is currently finding worldwide acceptance. Follow doctors and patients through (HBOT) protocols and recoveries. Learn how hyperbaric chambers work. Understand why hyperbaric oxygen is a useful tool for the successful treatment of many medical conditions, including: severe burns; gas gangrene; wounds, infections; and neurological disorders. Understand the advantages to and hazards of utilizing this non-invasive adjunct to common practices that actually saves life and limb. [US; 2002; 52 minutes] Airing on Discovery Health.

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)PEACE PILGRIM

An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk -- She walked without a penny in her pockets and was not affiliated with any organization. She walked as a prayer and as a chance to inspire others to pray and work with her for peace. She walked the 25,000 miles and continued her walk, for her vow was, "I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." [US; 2002; 60 minutes]

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)SOVEREIGN ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA

The Knights of Malta are members of an international brotherhood founded during the First Crusade. For thousands of years they have worn many masks and disguises: they've been monks, warriors, adventures, medical researchers, philanthropists and spies. For over 200 years they fought Barbary Coast pirates stealing their gold and becoming enormously wealthy in the process. Today the Knights are a powerful Sovereign State supported by the Vatican. The order runs a worldwide network of relief operations with 50 embassies worldwide. [US; 1999, 53 minutes] {French, German, Italian and Spanish tracks available}

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)TRAIL OF PAINTED PONIES

Imagine over 100 horses stretched from Taos to Carlsbad. Now picture them painted in day-glow colors, sporting outrageous trappings, so transformed they could have broken free from a carousel, or escaped a madcap circus, and run wild across the New Mexico landscape. Unlike previous public art projects featuring animals, The Trail of Painted Ponies is unique for a number of reasons: the horse is an integral part of American History; the project was cross-cultural involving Hispanic, Native American and Anglo artists; the project was statewide event; and monies received from the sale of the ponies will be disbursed to a broad spectrum of charitable organizations. [US; 2003; 90 minute video and 55 minute broadcast versions available.

zia-arrow.gif (147 bytes)6px-spacer.gif (43 bytes)WHERE HE WALKED

This is the most famous story in the world: The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth form  his birth to his death. The story is told through the places where he lived and preached from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, through the art of the last 2000 years, and through the words of the evangelists. [US; 2000; 55 minutes] {French tracks available}