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ADRENALINE WATER BLOOPERS (Finch) -- Over 200 spectacular and funny wipeouts from kite-boarding, kite-surfing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding events from around the world. [50 min.]

ADRENALINE SNOW BLOOPERS (Finch) -- Great wipeout and spills from extreme skiing, ski mogul, ski acrobatics, cross country skiing, freestyle snowboarding, half-pipe, boarder-cross and snowmobiling events. [40 min.]

ADRENALINE STREET BLOOPERS (Finch) --  Those who participate in skateboarding, roller skating or BMX biking know that its impossible to make progress , or try out new and varied moves without taking risks and we have captured all their faux pas just for you! [50 min.]

AVALANCHE! (Baldwin) -- Amazing "caught-on-tape." "I survived" footage of an avalanche as it buries one skier and then rumbles over the camera. Both the skier and the cameraman survive. Material includes before and after footage, as well as hospital interviews. [20 min.]

DARE THE DEVIL MOTORCYCLE JUMPING (Joe Reed) -- It’s one thing to partake in this sport, it’s another to live to talk about it… Join Joe Reed, Guinness Book of Record holder and ex‑racer, in some of his record-breaking, death‑defying motorcycle stunts experiences, including a ramp to ramp jump where Joe hit the end of the second ramp face first and survived to tell his story, it is all here if you DARE to watch it. [75 min.]

EXTREME SPORTS GONE WRONG (Johnston) -- An array of blunders, bloopers and outtakes from extreme sports including skiing, snow and skate boarding, motorcycles, non-voiced all set to music [US; 5 x 55min]

EARLY CELEBRATION & FENCE POST FINISH LINE (Kick-off) -- It's short but its sweet, a race car driver celebrates a moment too early when he crashes his vehicle into concrete barrier just feet from the finish line… losing to his competitor...stupid is as stupid does. In another great segment little mighty Fiat 600's are roaring fast and furious around the race track, suddenly one is out of control and flies thru the air flipping and rolling up against a fence post... Minutes later the action is repeated by yet another driver landing in almost the identical place.

EXTREME SPORTS BLOOPERS & CRASHES (JSP) -- From the extreme to the whacky, this collection of sports clips has it all, including some of the greatest "I survived" ski and boarding crashes ever caught-on-tape. Skiing, snow boarding, mountain boarding, mountain biking, snow shovel racing, snow kayaking, snow mountain bike riding, paragliding, hang-gliding, sand-shoe racing, mutton-busting, bull-riding, burro racing, or port-o-potty racing, you’ll find it all right here. [over 20 hours footage available, interviews with some of the crash survivors also available]

EXTREME SPEEDWAY ACTION (Williams) -- You can expect nothing short of thrills and spills in the sport of short oval dirt track motorcycle racing. Hardly a lap goes by that one of the contenders is either sideswiping one of his opponents or doing himself in by crashing into the perimeter crash barrier…there is never a dull moment and its all caught-on tape. [Several hours of footage available as well as interviews with the racers]

FEARLESS TV (WWE) -- Sizzling selection of extreme sports… individuals doing what they do best, Fearless TV is crazy action on the edge entertainment! [26 x 30 w/ 3-5 min. story segments; detailed log available upon request]

FIGURE 8 AUTO RACING (Team 13) -- Nerves of steel, brains of putty, and underwear that is brown…this material will leave you on the edge of your seat. [60 min.]

HIGH ACTION ADRENALIN (WWE) -- Heart pumping and death defying sports action. The High Action Series packs plenty of punch. [26 x 30 w/3-5 min. story segments; detailed log available upon request]

JINETEANDO -- Bucking Bronco riding from Argentina… a tough macho “horse breaking” event which is not for the faint of heart. No Helmets, no protective gear only for the "hardcore" Gaucho (cowboy), as the horses see this as a “cowboy breaking” event.

LATIN AMERICA AUTO RACING (Kick-off/Carburando) -- Giving you the very best of unusual auto racing roll-overs, crashes and mishaps from Latin America... a bit like auto racing in the "Wild West" [Argentina; 26 clips; detailed log available upon request]

MARTIAL ARTS BLOOPERS (Finch) -- Are hands and feet quicker than the eye, in this case yes and you will need stop action or slow motion to appreciate the art of this sport, involving karate and Taekwondo championships from France… an accidental chop to the neck or a kick to the groin, ouch, oops, so sorry! [50 min.]

MOMENTS OF TRUTH: UNUSUAL SPORTS (WWE) -- Entertaining and unusual sports stories from around the globe such as toe wrestling; women sumo wrestling; wife carrying contest; oil wrestling; coal shoveling; mud racing, crazy canoe polo; Malaysian Tower stair run just to name a few. [Over 200 segments of 3-5 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

MOTORCYCLE HILL CLIMB & SKI CRASH FOOTAGE (Team 13) -- Watch motorcycles defy gravity as their insane riders make an attempt at riding them vertically up a mountainside, providing some great hill climb action. This motorcycle sport separates the boys from the men, and the few that actually make it to the top can win. Additionally, you will find some outrageous ski crashes from the North American Freestyle Championship. [120 min.]

OH DEAR, OH DEAR (DCI) -- Road rally and auto racing rollovers and mishaps from around Europe and the Middle East [UK; 52 min.]

PARAGLIDING BLOOPERS AND CRASHES (Chirico) -- This sport may look easy and graceful, until you see some of the most amazing footage of its kind ever "caught-on-tape" such as crash-landing into boats, or into the back of pickup trucks; knocking a bystander off their feet; tossing your cookies mid-air all over your trainer; making not-so-soft landings into trees... it ain't so pretty. Footage includes "I Survived" footage and interviews with several aerial pilots whose landings where lets say less than graceful. [150 plus minutes of footage]

RUSH (WWE) -- An awesome extreme sports series with backing musical sound track, free of voice-over for use and flexibility. [26 x 30 w/3-5 min story segments; detailed log available upon request.]

SPORTS CLIPS AND BLOOPERS (WWE) -- This series has it all caught on tape… snow boarding, mountain biking, rafting, heli-bungee, surfing, canoeing, hand gliding, sky diving, rollerblading, windsurfing, motor-biking, skating and more [Over 130 segments of 3-5 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

SOCCER OUT OF CONTROL (Kick-Off) -- Giving you the very best (or worst as the case may be) of Latin America soccer fouls, flubs and funnies; with the soccer players, fans, and cheerleaders behaving badly with each other and the police. We never knew the soccer was a riot sport? [97 clips segments; detailed logs available upon request]

SOCCER RIOTS ON THE HIGHWAY (ML) -- They say the Argentineans take their soccer seriously, but until you see this segment you don’t know how seriously... when a favorite team loses a cup match, its time to beat up the opposing players, fans and halt the traffic on the adjoining highway…make sure you bring your riot gear to the match.

TOPLESS & NON-TOPLESS WRESTLING (Amazon) -- Authentic wrestling action from France, involving male/female and female vs. female wrestlers. [Several hours' footage available].

WACKY SPORTS (JSP) -- Cannon Ball Championships; Cardboard Derby... build it , hop in and sail down the ski slope; Spring Splash. down the ski slope and into an ice cold pond you go; desert sand shoeing; port-o-potty races; snow shovel racing down the slope; naked mountain biking and skiing; snow kayaking and biking just to name a few.

X-IT (WWE) -- The hottest collection of adventure sports in brought to you in 26 action packed episodes. Each installment is dedicated to an exciting and insane sport including Parkour, extreme diving, mountain biking, and much more. [26 x 30 w/ 3-5 min. story segments; detailed log available upon request]


ANIMAL ATTACKS -- Binky the Polar bear attacks women at zoo/Alligator bites boom mic/Ostrich chases person in moving 35 mph jeep/Bunny drop kicks goat in head/Lion jumps man at private residence enclosure (M.L.)/24' Anaconda bites policeman in arm/Macaque Attack- bites women in face (M.L.)/Seagulls attack lunch goers at Fish'n chips shack.

ANTE BEAR (ML) -- Wandering into residential neighborhoods in rural Brazil foraging for food, there are no wildlife organization to call, so its up to the local police to try and capture, transport and release these poor guys…let’s just say I hope they are better at capturing, transporting and releasing humans than they are with animals?

BISON ATTACK -- Anchorage, Alaska local news crew happens to be filming at the Wildlife Conservation Center "Bison Enclosure" as Steve, on-staff biologist, and other organization members try to round-up a small herd to transport and relocate the animals, when one takes it upon himself to charge Steve. To avoid getting trampled Steve jumps in the air just as the Bison’s head and horn make contact, throwing him several feet out of harm’s way. Steve did sustain some soreness and bruising to his side and stomach area, but was able to complete the task at hand without further medical attention.

BIRDS -- Hummingbirds fight at a feeder; Raven looking for a handout; and a "sweet-toothed" feathered friend caught in the act of landing on an outdoor café table where it proceeded to remove the metal lid from a sugar container and carefully selects from a choice of three sweeteners, and flies off to enjoy the bounty of raw sugar.

CATS & KITTENS -- A collection of clips/footage of cats and kittens playing and getting into mischief, including: a cat who walks on a treadmill; cats playing with a tortoise; a cat playing in and sniffing underwear; special needs cats, one that is able to move, play, and interact, despite having no use of its back legs and his playmate that uses a special harness with wheels for mobility. [100 minutes]

CASTELLI CRITTERS -- Includes a dog playing with a rock and chasing a laser-pointer; two young cats getting into various mischief; and footage of a monkey who appears to be break‑dancing until another monkey decides to examine his private parts.

CATS (SPANISH) PART 1 & 2 (Castelli) -- Cats will be cats, this series of clip catches them being their goofy and crazy "ODD" selves including the perverted cat that gets kinky in man’s underwear.

DOGS -- Footage includes a 10-week old puppy attacking a remote battery-operated robot-dog/ a dog who plays dead when shot with a toy gun; Biker Dog who rides the back of a Harley with his owners, dressed in goggles and leathers; and Smart Willie who unveiled through "caught on tape" we find has a distinct thinking process when it comes to stealing food left for the cat.

DOG FIGHTS (Kick-off) -- Strong images of Special undercover Investigation. The animals fight to death while the owners cheer them on and the audience makes their bets, this activity is illegal in Argentina.

HOLLYWOOD PETS (September) -- A horse that answers the phone, grabs a beer from the fridge and rides around in a convertible; a dog wedding; a pig that snuggles in bed; a chimp with her own bedroom complete w/TV; Cats that paint; and dogs that scuba dives… seeing is believing is all part of this amazing series of unusual pets and their whacky owners. [Over 40 segments of 5-10 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

NOVEMBER FILM COLLECTION -- Fighting dog championships in Bucharest; horses playing soccer, and a family who lives with seven tigers. [Segments 3-5 minutes; detailed log available upon request]

MOOSE TAKES A SWIM (Dightman) -- The unexpected guest is "caught-on-tape" while wading in a backyard swimming pool outside Spokane, Washington. However, after swimming a lap or two, the Moose wears out his welcome when he turns the water yellow.

SNOWBOARDING TURKEY -- The piece was originally made to advertise a prominent ski area over the Thanksgiving Holiday… truly a "believe it or not" segment, this turkey "boards better than some humans"!

STALKING THE BIG SHARKS (Crawford/SC) ‑- An in‑depth look and the mysteries and myths behind the "Great Whites" of South Africa.

THAILAND MONKEYS/ELEPHANTS -- Monkeys who kick-boxes camera, grooms human's head, plays game of hoops; and rides tricycle. Elephants that paint canvases, play kick-ball, give a human back massage, balance on beam are all part of this wonderful footage collection.

UNDERWATER LIFE (ZIA) ‑- A collection of clips and footage (MOS) which are visually stimulating and have excellent production values. [Useful for montages and bumpers]

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS #1 - A collection up close encounters with Australian and New Zealand wildlife, Including a New Zealand Traffic jamb of over 80 sheep and rare footage of nocturnal animals.

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS #2 (Crawford/SC) ‑- A compilation from actor/filmmaker Wayne Crawford's vast South African wildlife library. Some of the encounters with wildlife are rarely captured on film and amazing to watch including an elephant knocking over a tree, nocturnal hunting, Wildebeests crossing a flooded river. [Over 100 minutes of footage]

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS #3 (Crawford/SC) -- More South African wildlife footage from Wayne Crawford, including tasting delicacies such as live "soldier termites" and mating animals. [Over 100 minutes of footage]

WILDLIFE LIBRARY 1 & 2 (Crawford) -- Elephant charges film crew; Elephant charging in the river; Female Elephant & her young charge camera truck; Lion charges camera truck; lioness & cubs kills a warthog; Rhino charges film crew; black rhino charges safari jeep; Hippo aggressive in a waterhole; two cape buffalos fight; zebra fights [Detailed log available upon request]

WILDLIFE WEST -- A close-up look at all the animals living at the preserve compound that is indigenous to New Mexico and were rescued either as illegal pets or from overcrowded zoos. However, they can never be released back into the wild because they are too familiar with humans. Footage includes mountain lions, raccoons, coyotes and an antelope that will not leave a photographer alone.

ONLY IN Series (WWE) -- Entails wonderful and bizarre animal story segments from around the world including, Albino Pythons, Surfing Ducks, Two-headed snake, two headed goat, and a Kangaroo who works in a bar just to name a few.

ZOOPER KIDS - A collection of outtakes and animal from a wonderful kids show… a monkey showing off his backside; giant anteater that chases its keeper, lion getting amorous with its mate are just a few of the goodies in this collection.


AMAZING & AMUSING (Upside) -- Come discover eccentric people doing eccentric things… like the women who is physically attracted to a Guillotine; color matching your poodle with the color of your hair; like Sauna championships from Finland; beware of the wacky “sofa” driver doing over 60 mph. and many more fantastic stories and strange places from all around the world. [Over 200 story segments of 3-5 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

AUSSIE'S GONE WILD -- Home video footage from The Melbourne Cup. This horse race which has been on-going for over 100 years brings the entire Country to a stand still, and on the day of and the hour of the race, all business and social activities stop. The race is a “dress-up” event for some and a "dress-down" event for others, and by the way, they don’t drink glasses of champagne, its served by the bottle, add in the mix a little nasty rainy weather and you have yourself one wet, wild, muddy party.

BIZARRE & UNUSUAL STORIES (November) -- A fiction writer could not make these stories up taken from true life in Eastern Countries of Hungary, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Slovakia, such as a person living without a skull; a man that regularly eats worms and frogs for protein; a 24 year-old man who has never left the attic of his house; a crazy sport of creek surfing; an ancient method of castrating lambs by biting off their testicles; story of a man that has been living on his stomach for 50 years, just to describe of few [over 60 stories of 3- 5 mins each; detailed log avail upon request]

BRITAIN’S WILDEST! (September) -- Outrageous, outlandish, kinky, strange, bizarre, whacky, fetish fiends, are just a few adjectives to describe some of the insane things Brits will do for their 15 seconds of fame: Jobs-meet the man who masturbates bulls for a living; Sports- Get ready for gut-barging & Naked Ice-skating; Stunts -- Gawk at the man who hangs from meat hooks… you have to see it to believe it! Studio based stories w/ no M & E’ available. [8 x 50 min.]

COBBERS- This rough-rider guide travel/adventure series takes us on a journey across the great land of Australia. Two mates join together on this adventure, exploring interesting places in the outback and meeting weird and wacky characters along the way. From eating live Witchity Grubs to partaking in barrel races, Cobbers has it all. [6 x 23 min.]

FAR FETCHED (WWE) -- Crazy people and animals doing wild things… filled with nutty and silly behavior [26 x 30 detailed log available upon request.

FONDO -- This jackass series has been airing in Latin America for years and there is nothing these wild and crazy group of guys will not attempt or try from riding go-carts down a 6 lane boulevard or riding a motorcycle off a cliff into the water, this series is the epitome of "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME." [Over 30 hours of material avail.]

HERO TO ZERO (WWE) -- This series bring you the real life stories of people who have risen to the top in their chosen field, crashed and burned, or just made complete fools of themselves. We travel around the world stopping in on such bizarre contests as Extreme Downhill Office Chair Racing or World Air Guitar Championships. [26 x 30 w/ 3-5 min. story segments; detailed log available upon request]

MOMENTS OF TRUTH -- BIZARRE STORIES (WWE) Entertaining and unusual stories of people and places from around the globe such as beard pulling; car stuffing; lawnmower races; drag queen school; ice golf just to name a few. [380 story segments of 3-5 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

MY WEIRD SPACE (WWE) -- We trot around the globe to explore people, their spaces and unique places, from the weird to the eccentric we won't leave a stone unturned. [26 x 30 detailed log available upon request]

ONLY IN (WWE) -- Every country has its own uniqueness! Crammed full of the unexpected, we showcase the unusual people, places and strange happenings from every corner of the globe… celebrating people and their cultures. [26 x 30 detailed log available upon request]

RUSSIAN WHACKED OUT JACKASS (U7) -- Presenting some of the most unusual short vignettes of whacky, wild and sexually exploitive material we have seen from Russia and Eastern Europe. [Over 120 segments; detailed log available upon request]

RECORD BREAKERS (WWE) -- We bring you weird, wonderful and the totally mind-boggling as people from all over the world attempt to break or make a world record…attempting ridiculous feast for their five minutes of fame. [26 x 30 detailed log available upon request]

SPRING BREAK (TVS) ‑- This real life "Animal House" adventure provides an inside look at Florida's infamous college spring break, bringing together thousands of wild and crazy students from around the US to reek havoc on the beach community where just about anything goes. [60 minutes]

STRANGE BUT TRUE (WWE) -- This series reveals the weirdest and wackiest people and places that can be found, so strange, and believe it or not, true. [13 x 30 detailed log available upon request]

TWISTED (WWE) -- From all corners of the globe, Twisted presents the very best of crazy, strange, unusual and weird people, places and strange happenings that could be found from the funny to the outlandish. [26 x 30]

WACKY TV (WWE) -- A collection of strange, shocking and hilarious people and places, filled with thrills, spills and many, many surprises. [39 x 30 detailed log available upon request]

WEIRD & DANGEROUS (WWE) -- Crazy, mind bending and downright painful, this series of clips gathers wacko's from around the world… a snake charmer who eats his catch; naked bank robbers; transvestite boxer; rollover car championship; Eiffel Tower Jumper, just to name a few [26 x 30 -Detailed log available upon request]

WILLITMAKEIT -- Have you ever wondered what happens when you drive a vehicle beyond its mechanical limits? For over ten years, WILLITMAKEIT has been testing the limits of all types of vehicles under extreme conditions, just to see whether or not they’ll make it! Abuse is their motto… watch vehicles crashing through RV’s, limos crushing, demolition derbies, and so much more, its insane, its jackass at its best!


ANYTHING FOR MONEY -- Hidden camera footage taken from one of America's funniest game shows ever, where people are offered money to do stupid and/or crazy things, like paying a women money for her bra to replace the supposedly broken fan-belt in your VW; or paying someone to sit in a trailered boat while going through a car wash… and its all captured by our "hidden camera." [500 segments of 3‑6 minutes each; detailed log available upon request] {Foreign rights only}

AT HOME ON THE RANGE BLOOPERS -- This Cooking Show For The Deranged is described as the "Burns and Allen" of the kitchen, the best of this show's most stirring and funniest TV bloopers and outtakes are now available. [300 segments of 1‑3 minutes each; detailed clip log available upon request]

BELGIAN TV BLOOPERS -- French Language news and television bloopers, no need for subtitles, as actions speak louder than words for much of these hilarious outtakes and bloopers. [50 minutes; US/Australia only]

BEST OF TASTE TRAVEL BLOOPERS (McLean) -- Join host John Sarich on location when things always don’t go as planned and not everything is in his control [4:28 min.]

BUSHMAN - Interview and hidden camera footage of a man who, for over 25 years, has made a living spooking unsuspecting tourists at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco by hiding behind a camouflage of tree foliage. When the unsuspecting tourists walk-by, he yells "boo" and they nearly come out of their skin.

CLEVER CLEAVER BROTHERS BLOOPERS (TVS) -- Providing a wonderful series of short outtakes from their cooking show…sometimes not even the third take is not the charm, when describing the recipe becomes more difficult than making it. [68 minutes of 10 to 20 second outtakes ea.]

DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD- A wild night at a group style Japanese restaurant where the chefs prepare everything at your table, flinging various types of food at the patrons… in the hopes they’ll catch it in the food bowl, with some very messy results. [30 minutes.]

FUNNY & AMAZING STORIES (November) -- Mr. Bean look-alike, under-ice diver carnival, saucy vegetables look like body parts. [Detailed log available upon request]

HAVIN' A BEER WITH MIKE -- You might call Mike the ultimate prankster, talking people to doing ridiculous and/or gutsy things in public such as… stage a fake baby delivery at a Wal-Mart store; or sneaking into the Daytona Raceway with a Bill Clinton look-a-like and placing a Havin' A Beer decal on one of the race cars without being noticed. [52 segments of 3-5 minutes each; detailed log Available upon request]

Swiss TV BLOOPERS -- French Language news and television bloopers, no need for subtitles, as actions speak louder than words for much of these hilarious outtakes and bloopers. [90 minutes; US/Australia only]

WHACKY SPORTS (JSP) -- Canon-ball Championships, port-a potty races, burro races, sand-shoe racing, snow shovel races, cardboard snow derby, wacky watercraft races, naked skiing and mountain biking and this is only the tip of the iceberg. [4 plus hours of footage]

WACKY WEDDING BLOOPERS- This is living proof that no matter how well one tries to organize their wedding, not all things go according to plan. As seen through the eyes of videographers hired to document one's most memorable moments, they have inadvertently caught-on-tape couple's most embarrassing moments, giving us classic wedding bloopers. So who is laughing…everyone! [US; 220 segments of 1‑5 minutes each; detailed log available upon request]

WEDDING BLOOPERS of LATIN AMERICA (M.L.) -- It may be a different country but silly intoxicated misbehaving does not change much from place to place…the proof is in the pudding.


ABANDON ALL HOPE: WELCOME TO AFGHANISTAN (ECG) -- Provides an inside look at this distant and remote country before the US invasion, taking a look at its politics, infrastructure, people, including interview with Taliban prisoner.

ALASKA PLANE CRASH -- They say life is time well when a local news crew happens to be filming the baseball game, I guess you could say that they were in the right place at the right time… as a 4 passenger plane crash lands on the running tack next to the ball park… everyone survives but it was a rough landing to say the least.

AMERICAN BOUNTY HUNTER - This "caught-on-tape" footage follows Fugitive Recovery Agents in their action‑packed adrenaline pumping moments of staking-out and making busts of wanted felons. [60 min.]

BUSHFIRES: The Summer Wars (Hamilton) ‑- Unlike other continents, this naturally occurring cycle has taken place since before the colony was formed, when Australia was inhabited only by its native Aboriginal people. Bushfires explores several devastating summer fires that occurred over the last century, including the 1967 Hobart fire which claimed over 65 lives, labeled the "worst" fire since the European settlement, and the dramatic account of a bush fire that claimed the lives of five firefighters. [Australia; 60 min.]

C5N CCTV SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE (ML) -- Mount some closed circuit surveillance cameras on the streets and roadways and watch out… semi trucks not making their turns and dumping their loads; pedestrians getting run over by cars in the diddle of an intersection; motorcycle running into the side of a moving car…caught-on-tape at its best.

COAST GUARD: DANGEROUS RESCUES -- Taken from a program which aired on Discovery, this caught-on-tape material is packed with remarkable footage from actual Coast Guard case rescues. You’ll witness the tragic sinking of an overcrowded pleasure boat; rescues of 4 teens trapped in trees above flood-ravaged creek; heartbreaking story of a fishing boat that sinks off Cape Disappointment.

COAST GUARD: HELICOPTERS TO THE RESCUE -- Capturing amazing on-scene footage of rescues including rescue of man trapped on side of near vertical cliff; searching for downed Air Force pilot and saving victim of a tragic swimming accident.

COAST GUARD: SURVIVORS -- Inexperienced crew goes down with historic sailing vessel, passengers of a seaplane crash into shark-infested waters; saving a young boy dragged out to sea by a rip current and more.

CUMBRE DE LAS AMERICAS (ML) -- President Bush makes a visit to Latin America and street riots take over the City of Mar del Plata where large bands of young people move down the main boulevard breaking windows, stealing merchandise from stores and causing thousands of dollars in destruction all the while police try to show restraint.

FLIGHT FOLLIES -- The Ups and Downs of Naval Air- Some of the most hair‑raising military aircraft crashes and near‑misses you will ever see! Footage is from actual on‑deck Aircraft Carriers and in‑flight cameras (the Navy's own version of "dash-cam" caught-on-tape) used for flight training. Both raw and bold, Flying Follies will leave you on the edge of your seat. [30 min. cleared by U.S. Department of Defense]

FALISTOCO AIR SHOW CRASH (ML) -- Plane stalls losing power in a freefall and slams to the ground in a "pancake action," allowing the pilot to walk away w/ only minor injuries before plane bursts into flames and becomes totally destroyed.

KICK-OFF REALITY COLLECTION -- Taken straight from the news cameras this selection of caught-on-tape reality footage includes footage of bank and store robberies and hostages at gun-point situations in progress; a boxer who K.O.'s the referee; dogs fighting to the death; riot and chaos at Davis Cup match; racing Fiats that appear to move more gracefully in the air than on the ground and much more. [Argentina; 33 clips; detailed log available upon request]

Law Enforcement Dash-cam VIDEO -- Caught-on-tape reality footage of law enforcements agencies from around the United States pursuing drunks, speeders, drug dealers and more... see the action as it happens using in-vehicle as-it-happens video. [Over 80 hours of footage; detailed log available upon request]

PONTIAC LAKE PLANE CRASH -- Caught-on-tape incident of a private 4-passenger plane crash landing on Lake Pontiac, Michigan; including the follow-up rescue of the three passengers by by-standers and emergency response teams.

ROBOS VILLA (ML) -- With a hidden camera in a poor city area of Argentina your eyes will not believe what you see when a group of teenage thugs randomly stop people on the street..using intimidation to rob them of clothes, money bikes and more with the police nowhere to be seen.

SERIAL KILLERS -- This material contains chilling footage of in‑depth interviews with 13 of America's most infamous contemporary "serial killers", including Kenneth Bianchi, Ted Bundy, and Arthur Shawcross among others, as well as interviews with law enforcement officials involved, and victim's relatives. [UK; 13 x 30 min.]

SOCCER RIOTS (ML) -- They say it’s the passion of the game mixed with the passion of the people, but only in Latin America do the police come to the games dressed in full-riot gear, after watching this dramatic caught-on-tape footage you will soon learn why.

STAR QUEST: UFO'S AND COSMIC DIMENSIONS (Premier) -- This trilogy presents the voice of truth that will propel us forward into the 21st century, spoken through three of the world's greatest minds: Rupert Sheldrake, Tom Bearden and Chris Griscom, revealing the guiding force in manifestation, cosmic laws, mankind's correlation with the cosmos, his holographic nature and multi dimensionality, and technical discoveries like the physics of free energy, anti‑gravity, hyperspace, parallel universes and space travel. [US; 3 x 85 mins]

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY (WWE) -- Showcasing the very best (and worst) moments, actions, events, scandals, triumphs, controversies and headlines from sport, fashion and entertainment’s famous faces. Good, Bad, or Ugly…this show has it all. [26 x 30 w/3-5 min. story segments; detailed log available upon request]

THIS ANGRY EARTH (STS) -- Great storm, weather and nature disaster footage from a two part documentary series, including rare tsunamis and earthquake footage, as well as volcanic eruptions which have occurred at St. Pierre, Mt. Pinatubo, & Mt. St. Helens among others. [US; 45 min.]

UNDERCOVER HOSTESSES IN JAPAN -- Rare undercover footage of Japan’s Private Drinking Clubs and candid interviews with some of the foreign women who work there illegally. A number of women who worked in these clubs have disappeared, while others have been found dead. [60 min.]

WACO: The Rules of Engagement- This Emmy award‑winning and Oscar nominated documentary depicts the tragic events which occurred outside of Waco, Texas that resulted in the killing of four federal agents and the gassing and fiery deaths of 76 men, women, and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect. The filmmakers methodically and convincingly make a case, the government...not David Koresh, caused the fatal fire at the Dividian compound in April 1993. [US; 88 min.]


BDSM: Alternative Loving (Open Book) -- Without getting yourself totally tied up, BDSM will provide you with a little insight into the other side of the bedroom. [95 minutes]

HECHO EN MEXICO: Preciosas Mujeres Americanas (Diamond) -- Made in Mexico, beautiful American women. Playboy's first Spanish Language video has all the right stuff to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Get ready for a heat wave as the most beautiful women take you on a tour of Mexico City's hottest nightclubs. [55 minutes]

LIFESTYLE CONVENTION (SC Digital) -- Or some would ask… are you sure this is not a Halloween party? All caught on tape. [20 min.]

LIVE NUDE SHAKESPEARE (Independent) ‑- Never before has Shakespeare been so exposed as we watch and listen to beautiful women strip on stage quoting his words. [65 minutes]

NAKED SKIING & MOUNTAIN BIKING (JSP) -- Wonderful, weird and wacky footage of naked mountain biking and naked skiing, along with some great whacky costumes to boot.

NOVEMBER COLLECTION -- Romanian man collects 35,000 bare breasts on tape; Photographer shoots "nude in public" style; Erotic body painting; 60 different “mousie” condoms; Unusually dressed (naked) 6 o'clock news announcer; lust paradise in Czech republic; "No-touch" topless bowling. [18 stories 3-5 minutes each; English dialogue scripts available; detailed log available upon request]

SATIN SMOKE- Featuring 1994 Playmate VICTORIA ZDROK, "Playboy Exposed" cover girl SHANNON LEAHY and newcomer PAULANNE. Satin Smoke is a sensual non‑rated adult theme program shot on film featuring six vignettes with top models. Victoria, Shannon and Paulanne are featured modeling sexy lingerie to full nudity while each savoring her favorite cigar. Watch while these beautiful women slip out of their lingerie, smoke cigars, sip champagne, martinis and fine wine all shot in elegant locations, ranging from up‑scaled apartments to a stretch limousine. [60 minutes]

SPRING BREAK '99 EXPOSED (Johnston) -- A hot and erotic look at this annual tradition.

STARBODIES (Sunset) ‑- Top rated across Australia in the 9:30pm time slot, March 1994, the special can be divided into twelve segments for airing during corresponding zodiac dates. [Australia; 12 x 5 minutes each]

STARCROSSED LOVERS (Sunset) -- From the producers for STARBODIES, six handsome men and six beautiful women explore the mysteries of romance through their Signs of the Zodiac. [Australia; 57 minutes]

TOPLESS WRESTLING -- (Amazon) Authentic wrestling action from France involving male/female and female vs. female wrestlers. Several hours footage available.

WORLD’S LARGEST GROUP NUDE WEDDING (RPM) -- Group nude wedding preparations; Couples massage; Nude couples lounging by pool; Nude sunbathing; Nude body painting; Nude couples night out, eating bananas. [7 hours of footage available]