signof4.jpg (31184 bytes)The Sign of
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes returns with Ian Richardson as the immortal sleuth in his most warm and human incarnation yet. Elegantly set in the fog-shrouded streets of London, Holmes and Watson are beguiled by the cry for help of a beautiful stranger. Can they solve the mystery of the peg-legged man and the missing fortune in jewels? Is she entrapped by the spell of the jewels of the Rajah, and what is her connection to the mysterious Sign of Four notation found on the still-warm body of Major Sholton, his face contorted in horror....

The pace quickens as Holmes dons a disguise to pursue hidden clues through the seedy back streets and boatyards of London and into the parlors of the wealthy. The intrepid detective and the good doctor Watson, with the help of the Baker Street Irregulars, race Scotland Yard's Inspector Layton to uncover the tales behind the mystery map and its one-legged owner.

Holmes is never far from the scene of the crime, and inevitably the murderer makes his move.

With a cry of "Gentlemen, the game's afoot!", Holmes chases a mysterious exotic midget through the bright lights and bizarre side-shows of a suddenly-sinister carnival. The final scene is played out and once again we are thrilled by the twists and turns of the eloquence and elegance that is the stock in trade of that greatest of all detectives, Sherlock Holmes.

The Sign of Four meets the challenge of finding a fresh interpretation of the ageless tales of Sherlock Holmes. From the charm of the 19th-century London streets to the tops of Watson's impeccably-perfect costume, this is a view of Holmes, Watson and their London, that you will enjoy seeing again and again.

Running Time: 96 Minutes