sidekicks.jpg (26743 bytes)Sidekicks

A dreamer and a champion.
An unbeatable team.

The kid was only a winner in his dreams...
until his hero stepped out of his fantasies to fight at his side.

Teenager Barry Gabrewski (Jonathan Brandis) is a daydreamer. To escape his real life problems, Barry imagines himself the partner of action hero, Chuck Norris, in a series of run-and-gun adventure escapades taken right out of his movies. As "sidekicks," their travels take them from the steamy jungles of Vietnam to the scorched deserts of the Southwest where they destroy villainous schemes and saving beautiful women. Armed to the teeth and possessing incredible martial arts skills, Barry is the faithful sidekick in one daunting situation after another. He's a young man with a mission. But it's all fantasy.

In real life, Barry is awkward, asthmatic and a loner. The 14-year-old son of single parent Arthur Gabrewski (Beau Bridges), Barry feels badly out of place in a Texas junior high school. And because of his asthmatic condition, he becomes an outsider and the target of ridicule by the school bully, karate student Randy Cellini (John Buchanan).

When his father attempts to enroll Barry in a karate school, they meet Cellini's instructor, the egomaniac master, Kelly Stone (Joe Piscopo), who rudely refuses to teach the youngster. At school, Barry's daydreaming gets him in trouble with his teachers, except one. Norreen Chan (Julia Nickerson-soul) takes a special interest in him. She also decides that her own uncle, Mr. Lee (Mako) could be part of the solution.

A boozing, womanizing, cynic from Hong Kong, Mr. Lee is hardly a role model for young Barry. But he's an amazing karate master. As Lee begins to transform the awkward youngster, Barry gains his self-respect and his daily fantasy encounters with Chuck Norris begin to diminish.

Inspired also by the friendship of fellow student Lauren (Danica McKellar), Barry begins to turn his life around and stands up to the daily challenges presented by the bullying Cellini and his school.

Backed solidly by the nurturing world of comical Mr. Lee, supportive teacher Norreen, loving Lauren and caring Dad, Barry decides to accept Cellini's challenge to meet him and Stone in a major karate team tournament. Norreen and Mr. Lee join Barry but according to tournament rules, they need a fourth member to be official.

Amazingly, a surprise celebrity guest - the real Chuck Norris -- steps in to save the day. The showdown takes place and Barry's team rises to the challenge and triumphs over Cellini and Stone. Was it real or fantasy? As Barry walks off with Lauren, we can only imagine.

Running Time: XX Minutes