The Trail of Painted Ponies

Experience the Beauty and the Wonder

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Come “Saddle Up” with Ali MacGraw as she takes us for a ride on THE TRAIL OF PAINTED PONIES. This dynamic and colorful extravaganza, featuring life-size horses “branded Art for Charity,” which has excited the imagination and captured the hearts of millions. Whether you’re an art lover or horse lover, you won’t want to miss experiencing this incredible cross-cultural event, highlighting the creative talents of world-renowned artists including, JD Challenger, Gregory Lomayesva, Roger Montoya, Joel Nakamura, Kevin Redstar, Robert Rivera, Star Liana York, Tavlos, Yellowman, and many more.

Each horse in this herd of 120 ponies appears to be its own individual breed.  Some are adorned with outrageous trappings; others have been cut apart and reassembled; some have been finished with paint; while others display intricate workings of glass and beads... each is different and none will disappoint you.

This public art project entailed more than 100 artist, you will meet a number of notable ones through interviews and a closer look at their work; you will get to see how the horses are cast; experience the thrill of the live auction; and meet some of the beneficiaries of the money raised.

[US; 2003; 90 minute video and 55 minute broadcast versions available; DVD comes with special bonus features.]

Available on DVD: $14.95