The Wolf Dog

A thrilling action-adventure story about the 2,000 mile odyssey of a champion sled dog trying desperately to be reunited with a young boy who once saved his life.

KAVIK, a magnificent champion dog of the North, is participating in a heralded Alaskan sled race when he is spotted by George Hunter, a wealthy businessman. Hunter decides to buy the dog as a pet to be exhibited before members of his prestigious country club.

The small plane hired to transport KAVIK is destroyed in a crash in which the pilot perishes and the dog is gravely injured. Young Andy Evans discovers Kavik and with the help of a physician, nurses him back to health. Hunter soon learns of the dog's whereabouts, however, and brings him back.

After his ordeal, KAVIK is unhappy and fearful, and he soon flees Hunter's home, determined to return to Andy. Traveling 2,000 miles of terrain, he encounters danger during his entire journey through the wilderness. A wolf pack and a killer nearly cut the trip short.

When he finally limps onto the Evans' property, he discovers he must confront one more obstacle before he can stay with the family he loves.

Running Time: 99 Minutes