The Healing Chamber




The Healing Chamber takes you inside the world of hyperbaric medicine. This simple, non-surgical, cost-effective procedure is over a century old. Until recently, it was used primarily for treating injured divers and construction workers.

Now the medical community is beginning to also use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to treat:

Learn how HBOT accelerates healing, activates the immune system and helps wake up inactive brain cells.

See the amazing way injured horses recover more quickly with the aid of oxygen under pressure.

Find out why some brain damaged children are improving with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Experience unforgettable, thought-provoking, true stories of adults and children who owe their lives and their quality of life to The Healing Chamber.

As HBOT is applied to one disease many other potential benefits emerge. Will this non-invasive procedure become part of the cure for cancer? From sports injuries and strokes to debilitating Gulf War Syndrome, each day opens up new possibilities for hyperbaric healing.

Available on DVD: $14.95

Running Time: 1 hour