fishhawk.jpg (54484 bytes)Fish Hawk
An Indian Survives in the Savage Wild

Fish Hawk (Will Sampson) is a lonely and aging Indian hunter, struggling to overcome both the lure of the bottle and the contempt of the local townsfolk. Alone and grieving from the loss of his family, the once-proud Osage Indian has lost his direction in life and only drifts, lost in a whiskey fog.

It takes the love and friendship of a small boy (Charles Fields) to show Fish Hawk the path back to self-respect. But the way is hard, with both wild nature and ignorant men challenging his every stop.

Filmed in the beautiful Canadian wild, this warm and inspirational family drama shows the power of friendship to heal an old man's wounded heart and to soothe a young boy's troubled soul.

Running Time: Approx. 95 Minutes