cattinroof.jpg (40726 bytes)Tennessee Williams'

Cat on a
Hot Tin Roof

In a sordid tale of sexual repression, faded dreams and family feuds, Tennessee Williams delivers perhaps his greatest play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Staring Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange, this 1985 production of the often remade American classic was the result of the author revisiting his original 1954 script to revive some of the sexual frankness that had been watered down in previous productions for the stage and screen.

Jones leads the remarkable cast as Brick, and emotionally crippled ex-jock who questions his own sexuality while hiding in a drunken haze. Jessica Lange is his wife Maggie the "Cat" who must cope with her husband's indifference and her own unanswered desires. The action takes place as the childless couple visit Brick's parents at their sprawling Southern plantation. Rip Torn plays Big Daddy, the irascible, domineering family patriarch who is dying of cancer while his family gathers to find out how his fortune will be divided.

Tennessee Williams has captured a searing and completely telling moment in the lives of a group of achingly real characters. Despite the acclaim accorded to several other productions, with stars like Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Olivier, Ben Gazzara and Burl Ives, no other version has ever adhered so closely to Williams' version. Many critics agree that no other production can stand alongside this for its hard emotional edge and its intense, commanding performance.

Running Time: 144 Minutes