The Summer Wars

Every year Australians die as they battle bushfires….

Despite Australia’s summer being promoted as a time of fun and relaxation, in truth, it is a time of war. Since European settlement, Australians have died as they have tried in vain to conquer the killer fires.

Every summer for as long as Australians can remember, people have lost their lives. But bushfires are as natural as the rising sun. The worst fires were in 1939 and 1983, when hundreds of people lost their lives and entire towns were reduced to ashes. In 1983, on Ash Wednesday, Victoria was reduced to cinders, as if a nuclear bomb had been dropped.

Las year, in New South Wales, a fire crew was trapped in their truck, the driver, married with two children sacrificed his life to save the others. This devastating fire left the crew in intensive care for many months.

A short time later, in Victoria, the summer wars took the life of a teenager and a team of firefighters, many of whom were unpaid volunteers.

Bushfires: The Summer Wars is a graphic, heart-wrenching account of the killer fires that sweep across Australia each year, destroying areas the size of Britain, including towns and suburbs. The tragic grief of a small girl, as she remembers her brother, will move many of us to tears.