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Live with it or die by it.
One man against enough hatred to crucify a nation.

A True Story.
(a.k.a. Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story)

After five members of a militant white supremacy group rob a Brinks Security truck of millions of dollars, a new wave of terror, hatred and bigotry is born. Extremist organizations across the entire United States are now fueled with enough money to buy arms and begin a war of racial violence.

Attorney, Morris Dees (Corbin Bernsen), a man for whom fighting prejudice and racial hatred has become a way of life, taps into the computer network of these right wing groups and obtains details of their secret weapons, arsenals and money reserves. To his horror, he also learns of their ultimate goal - to overthrow the U.S. government.

When two local teenagers in Mobile, Alabama are convicted in the brutal hanging of a young black boy, Dees takes on the fight. Dees takes on the fight. Undaunted by the inevitability of threats and violence, not only to himself but also his family, he resolves to bring the entire Ku Klux Klan to trial for the murder.

It's a fight against unbelievable odds, a battle that will consume his life and make him stand out forever, not just as a hero, but also as a target for the blind hate of the Klan.

Running Time: 96 Minutes