athome.jpg (36053 bytes)At Home
on the Range

A cooking show for the Deranged....

Taped before a live audience on location at the Village Crean Estate, in Southern California, this 30 minute cooking show series breaks all the rules of cooking and television. Providing a creative twist to cooking, this show evokes non-stop entertainment and laughter for its viewers, with a few recipes thrown in for good measure.

Hosted by John Crean and his "stirring" partner, Barbara Venezia, the "Burns and Allen" of the kitchen, make everything from Cornish Game Hens to Dog Food. "It's like nothing you've ever seen before. Our show started as a joke, and now the joke's on us," says Crean.

Always expect the unexpected when John and Barbara join up in the kitchen to create some new Epicurean delight. This unlikely duo, with more than thirty years between them, "cut up" in an unrehearsed format creating spontaneous fun and laughter. And that's the magic that kept audiences and sponsors loyal to this show since it premiered on cable in June of 1982.

"At Home on the Range" has been featured on Eye to Eye with Connie Chung, HBO Entertainment News, CNN as well as the Home Show. Not bad for a home grown cooking show that premiered on a local cable station in Orange County, California! The vivacious Venezia and the creative Crean have a chemistry that is rarely experienced on television. Their timing is impeccable and the laughter contagious, no matter what the recipe de jour is.

Running Time: 104 / 28 Minute Episodes