Alien Enigma


The Belgian F-16 Chase of UFOs: This involves a major European case from 1989 investigated by author Derek Sheffield. UFOs appeared over Belgian skies, where seen by thousands of witnesses, sighted by 5 NATO bases, chased by the Belgian air force and then the entire matter was covered-up by NATO. The author is in hiding and receives regular death threats from anonymous agencies. We have secured extensive interviews with him as well as unpublished documents.

Environmental Enlightenment: A young girl visiting the everglades is abducted and experiences post traumatic stress syndrome back in Switzerland. She undergoes hypnosis and re-constructs the abduction. She experiences major shifts in her belief system. This leads to a severe identity crisis and her dropping out of university. She changes her career and dedicates herself to environmental causes.

Cattle Mutilation Update: From Linda Moulton Howe, who has pioneered cattle mutilation research since the 70s comes the latest and most baffling cases. The relationship to human mutilation cases is explored.

Human Mutilation in Brazil: Dr. Gevaert from the University of Sao Paulo reports on one of the most gruesome cases of human mutilation of supposedly alien origin from Brazil.

Mutilation Case from the Vietnam War: William English, a US officer stationed in Vietnam during the 70s recounts a story of a US plane recovered in the jungle. The dead pilots were found in the cockpit with their blood drained. The case was silenced by the military and all the files disappeared.

Mid Air Collision: The position taken by the military reporting of UFO encounters has been denial all across the boards. When Captain Larry Coyne, a pilot in command of an army helicopter filed a report in 1973 called "Midair Collision with a UFO" he was heavily criticized by his superiors. However, his report was released under the Freedom of Information Act in the 1980s.

Hybrids: In the baffling world of alien abductions one of the recurring mysteries is the missing pregnancy. Investigator Wendell Stevens is quite familiar with this syndrome. Kathy Davis with a long family history of missing pregnancies and Leah Haley with reports of human/alien hybrids are investigated.


From the KGB Files: In 1978 during Soyuz flight, Russian astronauts encounter UFOs. The actual recordings were made available by the Soviet Space Agency in the late 1980s. Neil Armstrong, according to KGB’s reports, sent a message to Mission Control during the moon mission in 1969 with a sighting of UFOs parked on the moon.

The Disappearing Jet Fighters: US Air Force Colonel Wendell Stevens relates how a large delta shape spaceship kidnapped 4 F-14 Tom Cat jet fighters over Puerto Rico in 1988 which have never been recovered. The government has not acknowledged the abduction, but several eyewitnesses confirm the abduction and reveal other unusual phenomena taking place in the Cabo Rojo area.

A Famous Abduction Case: Charles Hickson, a nuclear facility worker, was fishing with a partner on a lake in 1973 in Pascagula when a large cigar-shaped vehicle descended on the water abducting both men, The case was famously investigated by Dr. Hineck. Hickson got a gift of clairvoyance, several underwater crafts were sighted near the plant and the US Navy got involved.

Tele-Transportation in Italy: In September 1993 Dr. Tommasi and his wife Ileana, who lived in Turin had a bizarre experience where they were tele-transported thousands of miles away to a different country, jumping through landscapes in different time dimensions. The double experience and severe missing time point to an unusual event.

Abduction in Istanbul: Harun Ozbek, a tour guide in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul claimed he got abducted by aliens in plain daylight in Topkapi. Severe skin burns due to an almost lethal dose of gamma radiation seem to substantiate a bizarre case. Professor Onder from the University of Istanbul examines this strange story.

Implants as Tracking Devices: Dr. Bruce Cornet, with a BA in biology, an MS in paleobotany, and PhD in geology and paleontology and the author of scores of scientific papers and books tells his story where he discovered while doing research on electromagnetism what amounts to an underground transmitter in Pine Bush, NY, subsequently claims to have found implants in his body and narrates a strange story of aliens communicating telepathically with him.

Crop Circles Update: A Russian story and an English one throw more light on the formation of these mysterious shapes that have appeared all over the world.