alcapone.jpg (30865 bytes)Revenge of
Al Capone

The "Untouchables" put him behind bars; for anyone else that should have been the end... for Capone it was business as usual.

Brutal and murderous, the legendary Al Capone proved he was also all-powerful - even when thrown behind bars. His rise to power and his years as Public Enemy #1 have been well-documented by numerous motion pictures and documentaries. But never has there been an authentic account of his final days and of his incredible hold over a vast underworld empire from inside a jail cell. Until now.

Prison has no effect on Capone. Capone greets Dutch Schultz, Meyer Lansky, Johnny Torrio and other Mafia kingpins sitting on the Cook County Jail electric chair. Still king of the underworld, he takes the mob into new businesses - unions, drugs and much more. The authorities are helpless in their attempts to stop him. But there is one who will not quit until he sees Capone put out of action.

Ray Sharkey gives a brilliant performance as the infamous Capone. Keith Carradine is unforgettable as Capone's biggest foe, FBI agent Michael Rourke. Dripping with minute-by-minute action, romance and suspense, "Revenge of Al Capone" also stars Charles Haid, Debrah Farentino, Jayne Atkinson and Charles Hallahan.

Running Time: 96 Minutes